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Frequently asked questions

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How do Refills Work?

You can bring in your own container, use one of our donated containers or buy a reusable glass container from us. If the bottle doesn't list the number of ounces it holds, you will need to weigh it at our weigh station. Then when you check out we will deduct the weight from your final charge. 

How do you use your own container?

Learn more about using your own container.

What is the community container bin?

Our community container bin allows other customers to donate clean, refillable containers for people to reuse!

Where do the Clean Refill products come from?

  • House (part of Soap): Kansas City, MO
  • Rustic Strength: Mansfield, MO
  • Brightly Green: Louisville, KY
  • No Tox life: Austin, TX
  • Oregon Soap: Portland, OR
  • Essential Wholesale: Portland, OR

Why is reuse better than recycling?

Recycling is a great step towards reducing waste, but, unfortunately it is not enough, especially when it comes to plastic waste. Only 9 percent of plastic, including what we add to our own recycling, is actually recycled1. There simply are not enough industries to recycle all of the plastic waste we produce. Plastic waste is so prevalent that it is in our soil, air and water2. Marine plastic debris has negatively impacted 86% of all sea turtle species3. The best way to prevent further plastic waste is to stop buying single use plastic products and to start buying reusable, non plastic products, which is what The Clean Refill sells!

How does The Clean Refill achieve Zero Waste and Sustainability in its Operations?

The Clean Refill works with local manufacturers, out of Kansas City and Mansfield, Missouri, who practice closed loop systems, meaning that they take back the drums and buckets in which products are sold, to be refilled for the next customer, just like The Clean Refill customers are able to refill all of their containers. (And these suppliers also take and re-use drums and buckets from our less local suppliers out of Kentucky and Oregon). So there is minimal impact from the entire Clean Refill product life-cycle!

How can one consumers’ purchase help our giant plastic waste problem?

The average American produces 77 pounds of plastic bottle and jar waste a year4. If every person in the U.S. (approximately 332 million5) started buying products in reusable containers, instead of throwing away each container they used, we could reduce our total waste output by more than 12 million tons a year (more than the combined weight of 2 million elephants)!

1 A whopping 91% of plastic isn't recycled.. National Geographic. December, 2018.

2 Plastic Planet: How tiny particles are polluting our soil. United Nations Environment Program.

3 The Problem - Our Throwaway Lifestyle.. Clean Water Action.

4 National Overview: Facts and Figures on Materials, Waste and Recycling U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 

5 U.S. and World Population Clock, U.S. Census Bureau.

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