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To receive regular product delivery, container pick-up and 10% off all products, customers can sign up for Cleanscriptions.

Monthly product delivery and container pick-up is $3.00, or free for Cleanscriptions of $50 or more dollars a month. 

Product Delivery and Container Pick-Up

When signing up for a Cleanscription, customers buy their products and first containers and choose how often to have a product delivered (and their used container picked up). Product refills will be delivered in complimentary containers on the requested weeks, and if customers are not ready to return their used container when they get their first refill delivery they can keep their used container until the second refill delivery. This way customers will always have two containers on hand (although you only have to pay for one), providing the opportunity to fully empty one container before returning it to be cleaned. 

Starting with the second refill delivery, customers are required to leave one used container out for pick up when a new product is delivered.  The Clean Refill is only able to provide the product refills in complimentary containers because customers return their first containers to be cleaned and refilled.

Reminders will be sent out the week before delivery, so customers can remember to leave out empty product containers. 

Container Options

Customers who prefer to use their own containers can also sign up for Cleanscriptions. However, the monthly fee for customers who use their own containers is $4.00, as it requires initial container pick up and delivery. Container pick-up and delivery for customers who use their own containers is free for monthly Cleanscriptions of $60 or more dollars. 

How to Amend Your Cleanscription

Customers can amend their Cleanscriptions at any time if they need a product delivery sooner or later than expected; more or less product than expected; or a different product. Accordingly, the monthly fee will be amended to reflect the changes in product type, quantity and frequency of delivery. 

Manage your cleanscription
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