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 4337 bottles from the landfill!

Your Guide to zero waste home refills

Step 1

Select product

The Clean Refill sells a selection of all natural, toxic free cleaning, bath and beauty products by the ounce.
Step 2

Choose your Container

Choose the Clean Refill container size you prefer, purchase once and use indefinitely for product refills. Or you can use your own container.
Step 3

Select Product Delivery or Pick-Up

When checking out, you can choose to have the product delivered to your door, or to pick up the product at one of The Clean Refill's weekly pop-up events. View the calendar!
Step 4

Request Product Refill

When your product is almost empty, request product refill delivery and empty container pick-up. Or pre-order your product refill, pick-up at a Clean Refill pop-up and drop off your used container.

The Clean Refill will then high-pressure rinse your used container, air-dry, sanitize with a UV light and refill for the next customer, fulfilling its zero waste promise.

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To receive regular product delivery, container pick-up and 10% off all products, customers can sign up for Cleanscriptions. Monthly product delivery and container pick-up is $3.00, or free for Cleanscriptions of $50 or more dollars a month.
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