We have kept 22,117 bottles from the landfill since opening in February

Delivery and Pick-Up

Pick up Products at The Clean Refill Pop-ups!

The Clean Refill currently hosts pop-up events at 110 Orr Street and RHO Engine Room.  Plus, we host additional pop-up events throughout Columbia each month. View the calendar to see where we’ll be!  Customers are encouraged to pre-order products to be picked up, to ensure that the product is available at the pop-up (pop-up pick-up options are listed at check-out).

Customers can also request that their own containers be filled at the pop-ups. Just email info@thecleanrefill.co to let us know what you need and we’ll bring the product in a pourable pitcher so we can fill you up!

Product Delivery and Cleanscriptions

The Clean Refill will deliver your new product order, in a new container, for $3.00. Delivery is free for first product orders of $40 or more. 

If you sign up for a Cleanscription, product refills will be delivered in complimentary containers on the weeks you request delivery for $3.00, and if you are not ready to return your used container when you get your first refill delivery you can keep your used container until the second refill delivery. This way customers will always have two containers on hand (although you only have to pay for one), providing the opportunity to fully empty one container before returning it to be cleaned. 

If you do not sign up for a Cleanscription, you can order a product refill on the website. The Clean Refill will then pick up your used container, clean and refill it,  and deliver it on the next delivery day for a fee of $4.00. (Customers who want to use their own containers can also choose the container pick-up and delivery option).  Container pick up and delivery is free for refill orders of $50 or more. 

Deliveries are made on Wednesdays and Fridays. Products are delivered (and containers are picked up) on the delivery day following the placement of your order. (Note: Because orders made after 5:00 pm are not reviewed until the following business day, those orders are often delivered on the 2nd delivery day following their placement.)

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