We have kept 28,737 bottles from the landfill since opening!

Reducing Plastic Waste
One Refill at a Time

The Clean Refill’s mission is to make consciously clean, zero waste products accessible to everyone in our community and to serve as a catalyst for responsible consumption, production, and plastic reduction.

Meet Leah, Owner and Founder

My family and I have always tried to reduce, reuse and recycle, but there are weeks when it can feel like we mostly just recycle plastic bottles and containers from our cleaning, bathing and food products. Unfortunately, only 9 percent of plastic, including what we add to our own recycling, is actually recycled! There simply are not enough industries to recycle all of the plastic waste we produce. Plastic waste is so prevalent that it is in our soil, air and water. Marine plastic debris has negatively impacted 86% of all sea turtle species. For these reasons, it is one of those problems that can feel overwhelming and insurmountable.

In truth, I started this business because I needed an easy way to reduce my own plastic footprint and to feel like I was helping with this problem. Life is busy and it’s hard to be a conscious consumer. I also want to provide convenience and peace of mind to other shoppers who are like me. And I love that I can now use my own products with zero waste.

I’m also excited to be part of a trend of emerging businesses that are offering solutions to the world’s waste problem.  We need to redesign our systems and products to function circularly with minimal waste, versus the typical take, make, use and waste model. The more businesses that adopt a circular model of production, and the more consumers that support such businesses, the more that we can all become a part of the solution to the world’s waste problem.

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